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Ozonoil - 10ml

€7,99 Regulärer Preis €13,99

Elevate your skincare with Ozonoil – bid acne farewell, fight fungus for clear skin and nails, and soothe insect bites effortlessly. Banish irritating itches, accelerate wound healing, and naturally combat wrinkles for youthful, radiant skin. Experience the transformative power of Ozonoil in your daily skincare routine! 🌿✨

  • 10ml ozonated premium organic olive oil
  • 48h or 96h interval ozonated with 50% resting time
  • Not suitable for consumption

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Ozonoil - 10ml

€7,99 Regulärer Preis €13,99

Is Ozonoil safe?

Yes, Ozonoil is generally safe when used according to guidelines. It has a history of use in medicine and industry. Handle with care to avoid direct skin contact or inhalation of concentrated ozone.

How does Ozonoil work?

Produced by bubbling ozone through carrier oil, Ozonoil forms ozonides, believed to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and oxygenating properties. Beneficial for wound healing and skin conditions.

How is Ozonoil produced?

Ozonoilz is typically produced by passing ozone gas (O3) through a high-quality organic carrier oil, such as bio olive oil. During this process, ozone is introduced into the olive oil, allowing it to react with the unsaturated fatty acids present, forming beneficial ozonides. The resulting Ozonoil is meticulously collected, filtered, and stored
inairtight containers to maintain its integrity and prevent degradation.

Are there any Potential Side Effects?

When using Ozonoil, adhere to guidelines, consult with a healthcare professional for medical purposes, and conduct a patch test for sensitivity. Avoid inhaling concentrated ozone, store it in a cool, dark place to prevent degradation, and enjoy its benefits responsibly.


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How to apply Ozonoil

1. Wash your hands

Even though it sounds easy, most people forget the crucial step of washing their hands before applying Ozonoil.

2. Applying Ozonoil

Begin by applying a small amount to the affected area, rubbing it thoroughly into the skin. If any noticeable side effects occur,
discontinue the therapy immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

3. Increasing Dosage

If needed, you can increase the dosage, applying Ozonoil to the affected area multiple times a day.

Nourish with Nature

Ozonoil: A Natural Skincare Elixir

Elevate your skincare routine with Ozonoil, a harmonious fusion of premium organic olive oil and ozone. Immerse your skin in the
revitalizing power of nature, unveiling a radiant and healthy complexion with each application.

Natural Beauty, Holistic Care

Radiance and Wellness

Embark on a journey of natural beauty and holistic well-being with Ozonoil. Beyond promoting radiant skin, this unique elixir contributes to your overall wellness, making it an essential addition to your daily self-care ritual.

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