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OzoneWave - Advanced

€250,99 Regular price €299,99
Experience the pinnacle of pool disinfection with OzonWave - Advanced. Enjoy crystal-clear waters, reduced chemical usage, and a healthier swim. Elevate your pool care effortlessly.
  • Reduces reliance on chlorine
  • Suitable for pools of all sizes
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, algae, and contaminants
  • Ideal for individuals with sensitivities or allergie
  • Improves overall water quality

OzoneWave has an impressive ozone output of 600 to 900 g per hour. The device ensures optimal disinfection and provides a clean and safe swimming environment.

In addition, you need an external air pump, which is currently not yet in our range and must therefore be purchased from third vendors.

  • Flow rate: 20 SCFH (10 lpm)
  • Feed gas: Dry air oroxgen recommendated
  • Electrical: 220V/50Hz available 20W
  • Control: On/Off Rocker Switch
  • Enclosure material: Aluminum
  • Dimension: 270x147x61 mm
  • Read the instructions
  • Ozone Generator
  • Silico tube
  • diffuser Stone
  • Expanding bolt
  • Accessories: 2sets of 4-ft of tubing & fine-pore diffuser stone

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OzoneWave - Advanced

€250,99 Regular price €299,99

How does OzonWave disinfect pool water?

OzonWave - Advanced employs advanced ozone technology for efficient pool water disinfection, ensuring a crystal-clear swimming experience.

Is OzonWave compatible with all pool types?

Yes, OzonWave - Advanced is designed for compatibility with various pool types, providing versatile disinfection.

What sets OzonWave apart from traditional pool disinfection methods?

OzonWave - Advanced reduces reliance on traditional chemicals, offering a more eco-friendly and healthier swimming environment.

How easy is it to install and maintain OzonWave?

OzonWave - Advanced is user-friendly, with a straightforward
installation process and easy maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free pool care experience.


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Efficient Ozone Technology for Crystal-Clear Waters

Revolutionizing Pool Disinfection

Explore the cutting-edge pool care with OzonWave - Advanced. Leveraging advanced ozone technology, this device revolutionizes pool disinfection,
delivering sparkling clear waters for a refreshing and safe swim.

Reduced Chemical Reliance, Healthier Swims

Elevate Your Pool Experience with OzonWave

Transform your pool care routine with OzonWave - Advanced. Experience the dual benefits of reduced chemical usage and a healthier swim, as this advanced device sets a new standard for pristine and refreshing pool environments.

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